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How to Leverage Data Privacy to Increase Customer Trust

Why You Should Reconsider Giving Branded Corporate Gifts

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Why CEOs and Thought Leaders Should Post on LinkedIn

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EO Members Share Entrepreneurial Trends for the New Year

We asked EO Members to share the skills, mindset or tools that entrepreneurs would be wise to adopt to meet the moment. Here’s what they shared… Read more

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How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Quiet Quitting in 2023

Unlike the literal definition of “quitting,” quiet quitters do not leave their jobs. Instead, they choose to work strictly within their job description… Read more

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4 Ideas for Maximizing Cash Flow in Your Business

You might think simple stuff like raising prices and pushing sales will boost your cash flow. But revenue doesn’t always mean an increase in cash… Read more

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Why Challenging Times Can Help us Learn, Grow and Find our ‘Flow’

Thirst for Learning is one of EO’s four core values and a quality that informs and shapes everything we do. Without learning, we are not just standing still; we risk going backwards… Read more

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Reflections on the Origin Story of EO Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

As a member of EO for 25 years, I have had the immense privilege of partaking in countless initiatives that transformed my own experience along the way. One of the highest-impact highlights of my EO journey has been… Read more

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Why I Drove Across India in a Glorified Lawnmower

In addition to rethinking business strategies to help your company thrive, the new year is an ideal time to assess your personal journey and decide which bucket-list items to pursue… Read more

Defining Priorities: When Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship Collide

Entrepreneurs’ Organization UAE

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At the time, I was entering a new phase in my life. My wife, Jasmine, and I were expecting our first child. We lived in a new house where we often took long walks on the beach—simply put, I was living my best life. On 5 June 2009, I received an unexpected call from one of my clients. “Dhiren, we have an opportunity. To make it work, we need you to come to Ireland,” he said. Should I stay or should I go? Read more

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EO members share 9 lessons learned from childhood entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

A different perspective can uncover value and opportunity

My first entrepreneurial venture happened during childhood when my mom used to take us skiing in the United States. On these trips, I purchased baseball caps to bring back to Canada. I learned that I could sell them for the same price that I bought them, but thanks to the US/Canadian exchange rate at the time, I would make a 30% profit. That was my first lesson in arbitrage.

On reflection, the key lessons I learned from that venture are… Read more

The Doctor is In: How the Metaverse is Impacting Healthcare

Smiledog, EO Member

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What is the Metaverse and How Does it Work?

The metaverse is an alternative universe where virtual reality and augmented reality combine to simulate a real-world immersive experience, regardless of where people are located. 

When you enter the metaverse… Read more

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The 5 Top TED Talks You Can’t Miss 

Chiara Lu, EO Atlantic Staff

The famous TED Conferences have been around for 38 years now. The key in their talks are the “ideas worth spreading”. Here we have collected 5 of the most popular TED Talks you can’t miss. 

  1. Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Read more

Reimagine the Future….Where the Great Resignation Ends because of Inspired Leadership

PowerUp Leadership, EO Accelerator

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In March of 2020, I decided to shift from a focus on pure human resources services (Power HR Inc.) to leadership development/coaching as PowerUp Leadership. This exactly coincided with major corporations freezing their training spend as we were bracing for impact with the start of a global pandemic. It certainly occurred to me that this was a risky time to double down on leadership development when organizations were simply trying to keep the lights on. However, I also knew that employees would be critically watching how their organizations responded and whether their leadership team weathered the storm with empathy and clear employee communications… Read more

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3 Simple Techniques That Foster a Great Connection With Your Customers Over The Phone

Smiledog, EO Member

Creating a great connection with your customers over the phone involves a very nuanced skill set. It is about finding the right balance between being friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. This ensures the customer feels heard and confident that you’ll take care of them.

I want to share a quick story that happened to me this past week that highlights everything wrong with the customer service approach used over the phone today… Read more

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